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Why can't I filter different devices when Safe Surfer is installed on my Wi-Fi modem/router?

Safe Surfer is designed as a versatile online protection solution. When you install Safe Surfer on your home Wi-Fi, you might wonder why you can't see different devices connected to your home Wi-Fi on the Safe Surfer dashboard. In addition, you also might wonder if it's possible to filter individual devices by pointing each individual device to our DNS servers (which let protected devices either connect or not connect to the online servers of a particular website or app). Due to how computer networking works, in virtually all cases we can only provide per-device block settings and monitoring if you install the app on each device.

If you install Safe Surfer protection through a BYO (bring your own) Wi-Fi modem/router, which is a typical situation, we see "one" Wi-Fi device, because all the devices send DNS traffic through your Wi-Fi router, which then gets sent to the public internet, reaching us for filtering.

Safe Surfer is best experienced when you install the app on each device. You can find out how to do this by clicking this link.

Updated on: 18/03/2024

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