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How do I block a specific website?

Safe Surfer protects individuals, families, and businesses from harmful online content. If you visit our website on a device that is not protected with Safe Surfer, you will see the following widget at the top of the home page:

No protection enabled at the moment...

Safe Surfer services are controlled via your Safe Surfer account. To get started with blocking a device from accessing a specific website, you can create a Safe Surfer account on the Safe Surfer dashboard:

1. Let's start

The Safe Surfer dashboard is your centre for protecting devices. We're constantly growing our comprehensive library of custom filter lists. We feature 17 main categories and over 20 sub-categories that give you control over what can be accessed, whether its groups of websites or even the latest platforms and games!

Category options on the Safe Surfer dashboard

Once you have created an account, click the My Devices button on the left sidebar to get started. Once you are on the My Devices page, click the Device Setup button at the upper-right. This will take you to the Device Setup page where you can find links to an appropriate solution for each kind of device you would like to protect.

Safe Surfer dashboard Device Setup page

Once you have downloaded the Safe Surfer app to a device you wish to protect, open it and sign in with your Safe Surfer account.

Devices can be protected for free with the Safe Surfer app. If you wish to configure filter options and accountability settings for your devices, you will need a Pro Surfer subscription on the Safe Surfer dashboard.

Depending on the platform (i.e. iOS / iPadOS; Android), you may wish to enable pin protection to protect the app from configuration. For example, you can find the pin protection menu in the Safe Surfer app on Android from the upper-left menu.

Once you have configured the Safe Surfer app on a device, you will be able to see it on the Safe Surfer dashboard resting on the My Devices menu. Click the Block Sites button under its listing.

Block sites option for a specific device

On the Block Sites page, click the Enable Device Specific Rules toggle. This will force a specific set of filter options for a device you are protecting. You will want to do this in most cases.

Enable Device Specific Rules toggle

Once you have enabled the toggle, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Type in the domain you wish to block. Click the tick icon to save it to the list.

Adding a specific domain

Once you have added the domains you wish to block, click the Save button at the upper-right.

Save button

2. Protection complete

Once you have finished configuring devices, they should now be protected with Safe Surfer. If you visit our website on a protected device, you should see the following widget at the top of the home page:

Protection is now working

Updated on: 13/01/2024

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