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Parental controls on 2Degrees

Did you know that you can install our parental controls on a 2Degrees network? Safe Surfer gives you the ability to filter content that goes through your home internet. This guide will efficiently walk you through how you can install our comprehensive internet protection.

1. Let's start

Protecting devices with Safe Surfer is easy. As a parent or accountability partner, we'll get you to start by creating a free account on the Safe Surfer dashboard. You can visit the dashboard on any of your own personal devices via a web browser like Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome.

You will be prompted to subscribe once you have created a new Safe Surfer account. Getting a Pro Surfer subscription gives you the ability to easily protect as many devices as you like with our range of over 50 filter categories. For example, Safe Surfer can block social media platforms, games, and even online gambling. You will also get our device monitoring tools! Find out more about subscription features and tiers on our Pricing webpage.

The Safe Surfer dashboard is your one-stop centre for everything to do with Safe Surfer. Once you have created an account, click the My Devices button on the left sidebar to get started.

On the My Devices menu, click the "+ New Device" button.

Under the "Protect a device" section, click the "Another Device" menu.

Under the "Another Device" section, click the "Advanced" menu.

Give the device a label (e.g. FRITZ!Box router), then click the "Accept" button. The page that comes up provides details that we will use later.

2. Open FRITZ!Box and check for updates

Open a new tab in your browser. Try opening this link: link

If this doesn't work, try the following two links sequentially:,

Once you have opened the router panel, look for the FRITZ!Box password under your router (as highlighted below):

Enter the password and click the "Log In" button.

First off, we need to check for updates. On the left sidebar, click the "System" menu, then the "Update" submenu. Once you are on the "Update" menu, ensure that the "FRITZ!OS Version" tab is selected. Click the "Find New FRITZ!OS" button to check for updates. Follow the prompts if you need to update the router. This will restart your router along with taking approximately five minutes to do so.

3. Installing protection

Go through the instructions again in step 2 to open the router panel once your router has been updated. Once you have logged in again, click the "Internet" menu on the left sidebar. Once you are on the Internet menu, click the "Account Information" submenu. Once you are on the "Account Information" submenu, click the "DNS Server" tab. Under the "DNSv4 Servers" section, click the "Use other DNSv4 servers" option. Fill in the address boxes with the following addresses:

IPv4 primary:;
IPv4 secondary:

If there are options for installing IPv6 servers, use the following addresses

IPv6 primary: 2600:1900:4000:524c:8000:1::
IPv6 secondary: 2600:1900:4030:6b9d:8000::

Click the "Apply" button.

You might need to confirm the "Apply" operation. Click the "No telephone?" drop-down link and click any of the buttons on the top of your router (as pictured in the images below). Click the "OK" button once the operation has been confirmed.

Back on the "DNS Servers" tab, under the DNS over TLS (DoT) section, tick the "Encrypted name resolution" box.

Paste the DNS over TLS link from the device you created in step 1 into the "Resolved Names" text box. Click the "Apply" button.

If you would like to configure blocked sites, click this link. Click the "Block Sites" button on the left sidebar, click the blue bubble in the middle, select the device you made (labeled "FRITZ!Box router" or similar), and click the "Override defaults" toggle. You can now select through the list of categories to block. Click the "Save" button at the upper-right once you're done.

Restart the FRITZ!Box router and the devices connected to it.

4. Protection complete

Devices using the internet through your FRITZ!Box should now be protected with Safe Surfer. If you visit our website on a protected device, you should see the following widget at the top of the home page:

To check if filtering is working, try visiting in a web browser. This is a safe website designated for testing if pornographic sites are being blocked successfully. This site should be blocked.

Updated on: 04/07/2023

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