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How to set up the Kid-Safe Phone (or Tablet)

Designed in collaboration with Samsung, our range of Kid-Safe devices are designed to provide your child with a remarkably safe and clean digital experience. This guide will take you through the full installation process. If you're setting up a Kid-Safe device for the first time, it will take around 20 minutes for the full installation, or 30 minutes for the entire guide.

Step 1: Device setup

After taking the device out of the box, turn it on by holding down the Power button.

Once the device has turned on, tap the Start button.

Tap the checkboxes for the End User Licence Agreement and Privacy Policy, then tap the Agree button.

If you're transferring data from another device, tap the applicable option. Otherwise, tap the Set up manually button. If you're not sure, tap the Set up manually button.

Tap your Wi-Fi network.

Enter the password for your Wi-Fi network, then tap the Connect button.

Once you've connected to your Wi-Fi network, the device will automatically run through some installation tasks for you. This will take a moment.

Once the automatic installation tasks have finished, you will land on the device's home screen. You'll need to wait a moment to continue the installation.

Once the Safe Surfer installation screen appears, tap the Agree option.

Tap the Agree button on the Samsung Knox Notice page.

If the Safe Surfer app automatically redirects you before you get a chance to tap the Agree button, the Knox Notice page will reappear in a minute or so. Simply tap the Agree button when it appears again.

The Safe Surfer app will let you know some starting information. Swipe up once you've read the information at the top.

Once you've read the rest of the information, tap the Get started button.

If you wish, you can set the device to either the Explorer or Empower profile on the online Safe Surfer dashboard later on.

Enter a name for this device, then tap the Next button.

There are two options for the next section:

If you don't have a Safe Surfer account, enter your details, tap the checkbox to agree to the Safe Surfer Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and tap the Next button.
If you already have a Safe Surfer account, tap the Sign in option, enter your login details, and tap the Next button.

The Safe Surfer app will let you know if you need to add a payment method (and what the due date is) on the Safe Surfer dashboard. If this is applicable to you, you can do this now by clicking this link. Once you're ready, tap the Finish button.

Tap the checkbox found next to Set an admin PIN.

For this last section of setting up the device, the Safe Surfer app will automatically redirect you back to this page if you take more than a moment. If this happens, simply resume what you were last doing.

Set a PIN for the Safe Surfer app, then tap the Confirm button.

Tap the checkbox found next to Enable internet filtering.

Tap the OK option on the Connection request prompt.

Tap the checkbox found next to Restrict app & settings access.

Tap the Installed apps menu.

Tap the Safe Surfer menu.

Tap the switch found next to Off. Ignore the second switch.

Tap the Allow option.

Enter your PIN for the Safe Surfer app, then tap the OK button.

Great work! We've finished the protection installation, but there are a few more things we need to do. Tap the Home button to close the Safe Surfer app.

Hold down the Power button to open the Power off menu. On some devices, this is performed by holding down both the Volume down and Power buttons. Tap the Restart option.

Tap the Restart option.

Step 2: Enable additional features (optional)

To find out how to install additional features, click this link.

Step 3: Switch to the Explorer or Empower profile

Once you're ready, you can provide your child with access to further apps either now or in the future. You can do this on the Safe Surfer dashboard by visiting the Devices menu and clicking the More Info button on the applicable device listing. You can then switch to your preferred profile. We will add a link to this step once we've curated guides on how to do this.

Protection complete

Great work! This device is now fully protected. To start monitoring protected devices, visit our easy-to-use online dashboard.

If you would like to set up another Kid-Safe device, simply scroll to the top of this guide. If you would like to protect a different kind of device, visit our Guides page.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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