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How to install the Kid-Safe experience on an existing Samsung device

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It’s easy with Safe Surfer to block built-in apps and harmful online content on a Samsung mobile device. On your first protection installation, it will take around 20 minutes for the full installation, or 30 minutes for the entire guide.

You'll need to make sure that this Samsung mobile device (either a phone or a tablet) runs at least Android 11, in addition to supporting Knox. You can find this information in the Settings app > About phone/tablet > Software information. Once you've verified this, you will need to back up all files and app data. Perform a factory reset by navigating to the Settings app > General management > Reset > Factory data reset > Reset.

Step 1: Install the Kid-Safe experience

On the Welcome screen, draw a cross on the white space by swiping down and right.

Tap the QR code option.

Scan the first QR code as found on the Safe Surfer dashboard.

Tap the checkboxes for the End User Licence Agreement and Privacy Policy, then tap the Agree button.

Tap the OK option on the prompt that comes up, then connect to a Wi-Fi network. Once you've connected to the Wi-Fi network, the device will take a moment to process some security policies.

Tap the Next option on the Safe Surfer phone configuration page.

Tap the Agree option.

Tap the Agree button.

Scan the second QR code as found on the Safe Surfer dashboard.

Tap the checkbox found next to "Set an admin PIN".

Set a PIN, then tap the Confirm button.

Tap the checkbox found next to "Enable internet filtering". Tap the OK button on the VPN prompt.

Tap the checkbox found next to the "Restrict app & settings access".

Tap the "Installed apps" menu.

Tap the Safe Surfer listing.

Tap the switch found next to “Off”. Ignore the "Safe Surfer shortcut" switch.

Tap the Allow option.

Enter your PIN, then tap the OK button.

Great work, you've installed the Kid-Safe experience on this device.

Protection complete

Great work! This device is now fully protected. To start monitoring protected devices, visit our easy-to-use online dashboard.

If you have any other Samsung mobile devices you would like to install the Kid-Safe experience on, simply start again from the top of the guide. If you would like to protect a different kind of device, visit our Guides page.

Updated on: 05/03/2024

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