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Can I allow a specific app on the Essentials profile for my Kid-Safe device?

The Kid-Safe experience features three profiles:

Essentials (calls, texts, and built-in utility apps)
Explorer (all Essentials features, along with app stores, where all newly downloaded apps need to be approved on the Safe Surfer dashboard)
Empower (all Explorer features, but newly downloaded apps don't need to be approved)

Allow a specific app for the Essentials profile

To allow a specific app on the Essentials profile (for example, downloading a specific app on the Play Store), you will need the physical device with you, and you will need to go through the following steps:

On the Safe Surfer dashboard, visit the Devices menu > click the More Info button on the applicable device listing.

Set the device to the Empower profile by clicking the Empower option.

Click the Confirm button.

Once the Empower profile has been applied to the device, you can open the Play Store app > Sign in with a Google account and download the app you would like to have on the device.
Once you have downloaded the app, back on the Safe Surfer dashboard, set the device back to the Essentials profile.

Click the Switch to Essentials button.

Once the Essentials profile has been applied to the device, click the Blocking link to open the Blocking menu.

Scroll down to the Apps section, unblock the applicable app, and click the Save button at the upper-right corner to save the changes.

Updated on: 29/05/2024

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