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Why is the Safe Surfer for Windows app getting stuck on a spinning progress ring?

Safe Surfer for Windows relies on a Windows technology called Edge WebView2. We use this to serve some Safe Surfer dashboard content within the Windows app. This can fail in rare situations, causing the app to get stuck. If the app is loading with a progress ring, this process shouldn't take any more than a minute to load. If it's still spinning after a minute, close the app and try the following steps:

Repair Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime

Open the Settings app. Navigate to the Apps menu > Installed apps, then click the three-dot button on the Edge WebView2 Runtime listing. Click the Modify option.

Can't see the Edge WebView2 Runtime listing? Try downloading and installing the WebView2 Evergreen Standalone Installer for your system architecture (which is typically x64) by clicking this link.

Click the Repair button. This will take a minute. Once the repair window has closed, open the Safe Surfer app and try again.

Updated on: 30/03/2024

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