Our new Windows app is a work in progress beta, so it is subject to various changes and improvements as we continue to develop it. Want to find out more about our recent work? Discover our filter platform at https://my.safesurfer.io and protect all your devices with ease.

The team at Safe Surfer are always working with new innovative technologies to make filtering experiences for your family better. Recently, we have been working on a new Windows app that takes advantage of a new internet request encryption method: DNS over TLS, or DoT for short. DoT enables us to provide you with the following points:

We can make the latest filtering data from our platform available almost instantaneously to devices protected with Safe Surfer.
We can encrypt your internet search request traffic between you and us—no risk of snooping from others!

Our new Windows app makes filter setup simple. Here’s a preview of what our current beta looks like:

New Windows app Beta Home

Inside the app, the Menu button (three vertical dots) on the upper-right enables you to configure settings, log in to your Safe Surfer account to apply custom filter configurations from https://my.safesurfer.io, and view information about us.

New Windows app Beta Settings menu

In the Settings menu, you can configure pin protection to protect changes to the state of the filter (being either enabled [protected] or disabled [unprotected]). Once the pin protection checkbox has been selected, you can make a pin by clicking the Click here to change the pin text.

New Windows app Beta pin settings

Once you have entered a pin, you can click the Save button to keep it. Once you have finished configuring settings, click the three dot button, select Home, and enable the filter.

New Windows app Beta pin pad

Once the filter has been turned on, your Windows device should now be protected.

Safe Surfer block page example
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