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Protect a Windows 11 device with Safe Surfer

It’s easy with Safe Surfer to block harmful online content on a Windows 11 device. On your first protection installation, it will take around 20 minutes for the full installation, or 30 minutes for the entire guide.

Step 1: Install protection

On the device to be protected, click the Microsoft Edge app (or any other web browser app, such as Google Chrome) on the taskbar.

Visit the Safe Surfer dashboard and log in to your account. Click the Devices menu on the left-hand sidebar, then click the "+ New Device" button.

Click "This device".

Click "Get the app".

From this page, you can download the correct installer for this computer. In most cases, you will be downloading the installer that has been pre-selected for you (64-bit, x64). If you know that this computer is running a 32-bit or ARM64 copy of Windows, you can click the arrow button to download the correct installer instead.

Once the app has downloaded, you can click the folder icon at the upper-right corner to open the Downloads folder.

Double-click the installer file.

When Windows asks you if you would like to install Safe Surfer, click the Install button.

Once the app has installed, it will open automatically. Click the "Install protection" button.

Click the Connect button.

The app will retrieve the model name of this computer. Alternatively, you could use a friendly name to later identify this device on the Safe Surfer dashboard.

Click the "Sign in" option, then enter your account details. Click the "Log in" button.

Click the Finish button. When you are asked to authorise system changes through the Windows Command Prompt app, click the Yes button.

Great work! This device is now protected, but there are few more steps we need to take for the best experience.

Back in the web browser app, you will now have a new device listing created for this device. Click the "Block sites" option.

Click the switches to either block or unblock categories—grey means not blocked, and red means blocked. Once you’re done, click the Save button at the upper-right corner. You might need to scroll to the top of the list for the Save button to appear.

At the upper-right corner of the dashboard’s title bar, click the three dot icon, then click the Log Out button. You can now close the web browser app and restart the computer to immediately sync any changes made.

Step 2: Verify protection

Visit the Safe Surfer website to verify the protection installation. The protection bubble should report that this device is protected.

In addition, you can visit to see blocking in action. This is a safe website for testing to see if pornographic websites are being blocked. If it's not blocked, review the previous steps.

Step 3: Stop uninstallation

Click this link to go to our guide for stopping uninstallation.

Protection complete

On Windows 11, due to how its networking technology works behind-the-scenes, it can take up to a minute to get internet connectivity after starting the protected device. This is normal behaviour, because the device is busy starting a connection to our cloud servers.

Great work! This device is now fully protected. To start monitoring protected devices, visit our easy-to-use online dashboard.

If you have any other Windows 11 devices you would like to protect, simply start again from the top of the guide. If you would like to protect a different kind of device, visit our Guides page.

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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