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Why does YouTube say that a video is restricted?

Google provides Safe Surfer with two options for filtering content on YouTube: Moderate and Strict. These options attempt to filter out potentially objectionable content (profanity, violence, and/or sexual content) from being accessible when a device user is using the YouTube website or the YouTube app. If the device user tries to access a video that has been marked by Google's automated filter system, the video will report that the video is restricted by your network administrator (being us).

The Moderate setting attempts to filter out some of this content.
The Strict setting attempts to filter out a further degree of this content.

If you need to access a video that is blocked by the automated YouTube filter, you will need to change the filter setting. You can do this by changing the YouTube filter setting on the Blocking menu. Once you've saved the changes, you will need to restart the applicable device for the changes to take effect immediately. You can check the filter setting for a specific device by visiting the following link on the applicable device and checking the DNS restrictions section:

Updated on: 29/04/2024

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