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Why does Safe Surfer for Windows not work after installing or replacing a Wi-Fi or Ethernet adaptor?

Due to how we manage installing protection on Windows devices, you will need to reinstall Safe Surfer if a new Wi-Fi or Ethernet adaptor has been installed for a device. This includes cases where an old adaptor has been replaced with a new one. Once the new hardware has been installed, you can fix this by performing the following steps:

Open the Safe Surfer app.
Click the "Uninstall protection" button.
Click the Yes button when prompted.
Go through the installation process again by clicking the "Install protection" button.

Reinstallation complete

You have now successfully reinstalled Safe Surfer for this device. You can also remove the old device listing on the Safe Surfer dashboard Devices menu by clicking the three-dot button on the applicable device listing, then click the Delete option.

Updated on: 30/03/2024

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