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Why does my web browser app say that it's "managed by your organization" after installing Safe Surfer?

When using a web browser app (such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox) on a laptop or desktop computer with Safe Surfer installed, you might see a message regarding the browser being "managed by your organization". This is normal, because we set a small amount of admin policies for common browser apps so that Safe Surfer can continue to work in specific circumstances.

We do not abuse this feature, and we do not access profile data—this is a message designed to be read by school students and business employees.

Many browser apps support a feature called enterprise policies—this is designed primarily for school and business IT administrators who need to enforce how browser apps can be used on a specific device, usually to disable features. As a parental controls provider, Safe Surfer does this on your behalf as your "network administrator". If you uninstall protection, these changes are reverted (and might require you to restart the device for the changes to take effect immediately).

The most prevalent setting we change via policy has to do with what's called the "built-in DNS client" found within a lot of popular web browsers. This can affect Safe Surfer in specific circumstances, which is why we change the setting in the background on your behalf so that our filtering can work correctly in all cases.

The other settings we change are the following:

Disabling the built-in Tor feature for Brave browser app users, which is designed to break through network filtering.
Disabling Microsoft News content within Microsoft Edge by default for Windows computers.

Updated on: 13/01/2024

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