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What happens if I block iCloud Private Relay?

iCloud Private Relay is a feature on Apple mobile devices designed to aid with improving user privacy in certain cases. Accessible with an iCloud+ subscription, the feature routes internet traffic in the Safari app to hide your real public IP address. Due to how this works, iCloud Private Relay will interfere with how Safe Surfer works. We will be adding a category to the Blocking menu on the Safe Surfer dashboard so that you can block this feature from working.

Once you have blocked the iCloud Private Relay category on the dashboard, saved the changes, and restarted the device, the Private Relay feature will stop working as demonstrated below. If you would like to test this, try the following steps:

Open the Settings app > tap the Apple ID (that is, the device owner's name) at the top of the menu > iCloud > Private Relay.

Tap the toggle switch to turn on Private Relay.

Open the Safari app and try to search for a website. A message should appear after a few seconds saying that the network isn't compatible with iCloud Private Relay. Blocking the iCloud Private Relay category on the Safe Surfer dashboard will cause this message to appear. This is due to Safe Surfer blocking the feature, and isn't caused by the network you're connected to. Tap Use Without Private Relay to exit the message. You can now go back into the Settings app and turn off the Private Relay feature.

Updated on: 13/01/2024

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