We have a newer guide on Screentime features for newer firmware versions: open this link!

Wi-Fi Lifeguard's Screentime feature allows you to set per-device Internet time limits. You can access it from your Wi-Fi Lifeguard administration panel (https://mydevice.safesurfer.co.nz).

From the Screentime menu on the sidebar, you can select a device (or all devices) to change Internet access settings.

Once you have selected a device, you can begin to configure the settings you wish to apply.

You can have different settings for different days via the drop down menu at the top middle

Screentime menu

You have the ability to set a total Internet time access limit for each device. This means that Internet accessed through Wi-Fi Lifeguard for each configured device will not work until the allocated time has been started (and later paused once the device has finished using the Internet). When you want to use Internet on a device that has a Screentime limit applied to it, visit https://mydevice.safesurfer.co.nz/block to start the timer for Internet access.

Stop the timer by visiting https://mydevice.safesurfer.co.nz/block again and selecting the Stop Timer button so that each device's time does not run out.

Screentime timer ready on a configured device

Screentime timer started on a configured device

Going back to the Wi-Fi Lifeguard Screentime menu, you can also configure blocked times for when each device is not allowed to access the Internet. Even if a device has time remaining for accessing the Internet, you will not be able to access the Internet during these hours.

Once you are done, click the Save button at the top right.
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