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Update my Wi-Fi Lifeguard router to firmware version 3.0.7

Wi-Fi Lifeguard firmware updates often provide new features and bug fixes. This guide will show you how to update to firmware version 3.0.7.

We usually send out notification emails to our customers when a new firmware release is being rolled out.

If you have a mesh network, you only need to update your Wi-Fi Lifeguard base device. This is the Wi-Fi Lifeguard that is directly connected to your main home router via the Wi-Fi Lifeguard WAN port (marked with a globe). Just follow the steps below—Wi-Fi Lifeguard will take care of the mesh configuration for you.

1. Log in to your Wi-Fi Lifeguard

Ensure that you are connected to your Wi-Fi Lifeguard network on the device that you will be using to initiate the firmware update. Using your favourite web browser (e.g. Google Chrome or Firefox) open the administration panel by visiting

Enter in the email address and password that belong to your Safe Surfer account. If you have not made an account, the Wi-Fi Lifeguard administration panel will prompt you to create one.

Wi-Fi Lifeguard administration panel login page

2. Update your Wi-Fi Lifeguard

Navigate to System > Update Firmware on the sidebar on the left. This page will tell you what firmware version you are currently on. Click on the Update Your Firmware button located under the firmware version 3.0.7 release notes.

Update Firmware page

Update process

This process will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Your Wi-Fi Lifeguard will restart during this process. After 10 minutes has passed, close your browser and reconnect to the SafeSurfer-XXXX Wi-Fi network name.

SafeSurfer-XXXX Wi-Fi network on Windows

Your Wi-Fi Lifeguard should now be successfully upgraded to the latest firmware. We recommend verifying that the update has been successfully installed by opening the administration panel (at, as above), visiting the Update Firmware page, and checking the version number.

Up-to-date Wi-Fi Lifeguard

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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