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How to request Safe Surfer to be unblocked on a school network

Due to how compuer networking works, some school networks might block Safe Surfer, which could cause protected devices to not be able to access the Internet while at school. This can be fixed easily by your school's IT department so that Safe Surfer can continue to be used. Here's a template email that you could send to either your school's IT department or administration office:

Hi there

Our family is using the Safe Surfer parental controls solution (based in New Zealand) to protect our household from harmful online content. Safe Surfer is an accredited filter solution by the Australian Government's Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

Due to how Safe Surfer works (using a custom encrypted DNS link for each device, which is not a VPN), the school network could be blocking Safe Surfer from working, which means that the protected devices can't use the Internet at school. It would be frustrating to remove Safe Surfer every time our kids go to school. When the devices leave the school network, we would need to reinstall Safe Surfer every time.

To prevent this, could the school's IT department please allow the following Safe Surfer servers through the network firewall so that the devices can continue to be filtered at both home and school:

DNS over HTTPS (DoH)
IPv4 address:
IPv6 address: 2600:1901:0:5a82::
Fully qualified domain name (FQDN):

DNS over TLS (DoT)
Domains: and * for the following IPv4 and IPv6 addresses:

Any questions regarding this information can be sent to the email address.

Could this please be performed as soon as possible? Thanks for your time.

Updated on: 08/04/2024

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