If you have manually configured a device to use our Safe Surfer DNS servers for filtering, you may need to sync your IP address to retain full feature functionality (keeping custom blocking rules, recording categories visited and blocked websites, and recording data usage). You do not need to sync your IP address if your device uses the Safe Surfer app and/or is on a Wi-Fi Lifeguard network.

If you have manually configured a router to use our DNS servers for filtering, all activity from all devices using the router will appear as originating from the router.

If your public IP address changes, you will need to re-sync to retain full feature functionality. Your public IP address may change in accordance with the network your device is connected to.

1. Sync IP on My Safe Surfer

Open https://my.safesurfer.io in your favourite web browser on the device you wish to sync, and log in with your account details. Once you have logged in, you may have the option to sync your IP address.

My Safe Surfer Sync option

Tap Sync. You should now have full feature functionality restored.

My Safe Surfer IP Synced
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