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How to check if a device is being monitored and protected with Safe Surfer

Not sure if a device is being protected by Safe Surfer? No problem—you can check using either of the following two methods.

Method 1: Safe Surfer dashboard

The best way to check if a device is protected is by visiting the Devices page on the Safe Surfer dashboard.

Click the More Info button on the device listing that you would like to check.

Next to the Last Internet Activity field, the dashboard will report when it last received traffic from this device. The most recent kind of traffic is presented as having been "a few seconds ago".

In most general cases, if the Last Internet Activity field is more than a couple of days old, there are a few posibilities as to why this could happen:

If you tried to install protection (with custom blocking and monitoring) for a Wi-Fi modem/router, and you don't have what's called a "static IP" with your Internet service provider (which is common).
The device hasn't been turned on (or talked to the Internet) for a period of time.
The device has been stored away, given away, or sold.
An issue has taken place with the protection inside the Safe Surfer app (usually in specific, technical cases)
The device user has attempted to remove the protection from the device.

You can also use the following method to check the protection status on a device.

Method 2: Safe Surfer home page

This method doesn't specifically check if the Safe Surfer app is working. Rather, it checks if any protection whatsoever is benig applied to the device (such as through a Wi-Fi connection).

Another way you can check to see if a device is protected is by visiting our home page on the device itself. At the top of the page, check the protection status bubble.

If the bubble is yellow, the device is currently not protected. If you use one of our apps, check the Safe Surfer app home menu to review the status of protection. Otherwise, you can contact us on our help desk by clicking the chat bubble at the bottom-right corner of this page.

If the bubble is green, the device is connected to Safe Surfer.

Updated on: 18/06/2024

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