Safe Surfer protects individuals, families, and businesses from harmful online content. If you visit our website on a device that is not protected with Safe Surfer, you will see the following widget at the top of the home page:

No protection enabled at the moment... 🙁

1. Let's start 🏄

Protecting devices with Safe Surfer is easy. We'll start by creating a free account on the Safe Surfer dashboard.

It should feel a little like this once we're done!

The Safe Surfer dashboard is your one-stop centre for everything to do with Safe Surfer. Once you have created an account, click the My Devices button on the left sidebar to get started.

Once you are on the My Devices menu, click the Device Setup button at the upper-right.

The Device Setup menu features tailor-made guides for different kinds of platforms. These guides describe filtering solutions available for any devices that you might want to protect.

No matter what platform you install Safe Surfer on, our app provides basic protection for free (e.g. blocking websites that host pornography or malicious software). If you wish to monitor devices and create custom filters, you will need a subscription. You can find out more about subscription features and tiers on our Pricing webpage.

2. Full installation guides 📝

The following guides are complementary to the ones found on the Device Setup page at the dashboard.

Are you protecting any devices running Android? Open this link!
Are you protecting any Apple devices running iOS or iPadOS? Open this link!

3. Protection complete ✔️

Once you have finished configuring the devices, they should now be protected with Safe Surfer. If you visit our website on a protected device, you should see the following widget at the top of the home page:

Protection is now working 😄

If you would like to see website filtering in action, try visiting, a safe website designated for testing if malware filtering is operational. This website should be blocked.

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