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Become an accountability partner for a friend

This brief guide will show you how to become an online support person for a friend. Safe Surfer lets you protect different kinds of devices from harmful online content.

Create an account

Visit the Safe Surfer dashboard by clicking this link. Click the "Get an Account" button.

Enter your email address and a password. The email address will be one that your friend will not have access to. If you prefer, you might like to first create a free email account specifically for this purpose that only you will have access to. Once you have reviewed the options, click the Next button.

Select the Individual option. For most cases, we suggest selecting the Porn Addiction default settings for this account. For all intents and purposes, the Family and Individual plans are identical and provide the same licencing.

Select between either the annual or monthly subscription, then click the Add Payment Method button.

If you have a coupon, click the "Apply coupon" option. Otherwise, click the Proceed To Checkout button.

Enter the billing address details of the payee into the respective fields, then click the Next button.

Enter the card details of the payee into the respective fields, the click the Next button.

Review the order details, then click the "Pay and subscribe" button.

Click the Close button.

Once you have subscribed, the dashboard will provide several quick start options. If you would prefer full, step by step guides for installing protection, click the "Do this later" button, then find out how to get started by clicking this link.

Updated on: 13/01/2024

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