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Become an accountability partner for a friend

This article will help you as an accountability partner to set up Safe Surfer for a friend that uses a device running Android.

Being an accountability lifeguard for a friend is an effective way to help them with:

Social media impulses
Deterring the viewing of pornography or inappropriate content online
Preventing other addictive digital behaviours (e.g. online gambling, games etc)

You will be able to monitor your friend using the Safe Surfer dashboard.

You must have a Pro Surfer subscription to use accountability features on the Safe Surfer Dashboard. You can compare Safe Surfer plan features on our pricing page here.

1. Let's start

If your friend has not downloaded the app to their Android devices yet, they can do so from the Google Play Store. Our app can be downloaded here.

2. Login as an accountability partner on the Safe Surfer app

If your friend has previously used Safe Surfer on their devices, please uninstall and then reinstall the app by visiting our Google Play Store app listing.

Tap the Safe Surfer App icon on your home screen.
Enter the details of your Safe Surfer account as the account will belong to you, the accountability partner, for monitoring.
Tap Register.

Safe Surfer device registration screen

Accept the VPN (Virtual Private Network) prompts.
Tap Allow.
Leave the Setting app and return to the Safe Surfer app.
If you desire Pin protection, tap the Menu sidebar icon (three bars at the top on the left), then tap the Pin protection menu and setup Pin.

You can also enable Prevent Uninstall. This feature can prevent uninstallation of the app. You can enable this setting by tapping the Menu sidebar icon > Settings > Device admin (prevent uninstall) toggle. This is best used along with Pin protection.

3. Protection complete

Once you have finished configuring the device(s), they should now be protected with Safe Surfer. If you visit our website on a protected device, you should see the following widget at the top of the home page:

Protection is now working

Updated on: 13/05/2022

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