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Cancel my Safe Surfer subscription

This brief article will show you how to cancel your Safe Surfer subscription.

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Cancel your subscription

Log in to the Safe Surfer dashboard. Click the subscription status bubble at the upper-right corner of the dashboard. (If you're on mobile, you can find this button by first tapping the three-bar icon at the upper-left corner of the dashboard.)

Click the Cancel button.

We appreciate your feedback! Click the reason for why you're cancelling your subscription—this helps us understand how we can make Safe Surfer better for our users worldwide.

If you have any additional comments regarding your cancellation, please let us know in the text box. Once you're finished, click the Submit button.

The dashboard should show the Non-renewing tag on the Subscription menu—this means that your card will not be charged when your current subscription period finishes.

Updated on: 13/01/2024

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