This article will help you as an accountability partner to set up Safe Surfer for a friend on Android.

Being an accountability partner is an effective method to deter the viewing of inappropriate content online. You will be able to monitor your friend using My Safe Surfer (

You must have a Pro Surfer subscription to use accountability features on My Safe Surfer. You can compare Safe Surfer plan features on our pricing page:

1. Download the Safe Surfer app

If your friend has not downloaded the app to their Android device(s) yet, they can do so from the Google Play store. You can download our app here:

2. Configure Safe Surfer as an accountability partner

If your friend has used Safe Surfer on their device before, please uninstall and then reinstall the app by visiting our Google Play app listing.

Tap the Safe Surfer app icon on your home screen or app draw. Enter in the details of your Safe Surfer account. This account will belong to you (the accountability partner) for monitoring. Tap Register.

Safe Surfer account Login

Accept the VPN prompts and enable the Allow permission toggle. Leave the Settings app and return to the Safe Surfer app. This would be a good time to enable Pin protection and Screencast detection if you desire. You can do this by tapping the Menu sidebar icon (three bars at the top left) and tapping either the Pin protection menu or the Screencast detection menu.

You can also enable Prevent Uninstall—this can make it harder to uninstall the app. You can enable this setting by tapping the Menu sidebar icon > Settings > Device admin (prevent uninstall) toggle. This is best used along with Pin protection.

3. Verify protection

Each device that has been set up with Safe Surfer should now be protected and signed in to your account. We highly recommend verifying that protection is working by visiting our website ( The protection widget on the header should be green, as below:

You are protected widget

4. Configure My Safe Surfer

You can now log in to My Safe Surfer ( and configure rules and settings that you wish to apply for each device using Safe Surfer. Click the Block Sites menu and select either Categories or Sites. Under the device select menu (which defaults to All Devices), select the device that you wish to configure rules for.
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