Safe Surfer protects families and individuals from harmful online content. If a device you own is not using our filter service, you will see the following widget on our website (

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Safe Surfer provides a number of easy filtering solutions for you and your family. This brief article will help you get your devices protected so you can surf the Internet without fear.

Safe Surfer services are controlled by a Safe Surfer Account (setup here: You can make a Safe Surfer account here:

1. Android and Apple apps

The easiest way to protect your family is to download our mobile app and enable protection on your devices:

If you have an Android device, you can get Safe Surfer on Google Play here:
If you have an Apple device (iPhone or iPad), you can download Safe Surfer on the App Store here:

Once you have downloaded the app, open it and sign in to your Safe Surfer account.
Enable protection, you can find your newly protected device available for configuration with Safe Surfer account with a Pro Surfer subscription. When you make filter configurations for each device you control on your Safe Surfer account, the Safe Surfer app will apply these configurations.

Devices can be protected for free with the Safe Surfer app. If you wish to configure filter and accountability settings for your devices, you will need a Pro Surfer subscription. You can compare plans on our pricing page:

Once you have installed the Safe Surfer app, you may also wish to enable Pin protection. You can do this inside the Safe Surfer app from from the upper-left menu.

2. Configure your existing home router to use Safe Surfer

To protect other devices at home (e.g. laptops and desktops) you can configure your existing home router to use Safe Surfer.

Once the change is made it supports ny device that connect to Wi-Fi or Ethernet. This includes, but is not limited to:

Laptops and desktops running Windows or macOS
Mobile devices running Android or iOS
Other smart devices
Video game consoles

Please consult your router manual on how to log in to its administration panel and configure its DNS server settings to use ours (Primary: Alternative:

3. Protection complete

Once you have performed the above two steps, your device should now be protected with Safe Surfer.

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