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How to resubscribe to Safe Surfer

This brief article will show you how to resubscribe to Safe Surfer.

Resubscribe to Safe Surfer

Log in to the Safe Surfer dashboard. Click the subscription status bubble at the upper-right corner. (If you're on mobile, you can find this button by first tapping the three-bar icon at the upper-left corner of the dashboard.)

If it's been a while since you last subscribed to Safe Surfer, you might like to first review your payment method. Otherwise, click the Reactivate button.

The dashboard will get you to pay for the same plan duration that you last used on your account (that is, either annual or monthly). After paying, you can later switch to a different plan if you wish. If you do switch your plan, you will still retain the duration of what you are paying for here.

Click the "Pay and reactivate" button.

The dashboard should show the Active tag on the Subscription menu—this means that you have successfully resubscribed to Safe Surfer.

Updated on: 13/01/2024

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