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How do I give my Wi-Fi Lifeguard router more LAN ports?

Wi-Fi Lifeguard (model GL-MT300N-V2) routers provide one LAN port for up to one wired device. Wi-Fi Lifeguard (model GL-B1300) routers provide two LAN ports for two wired devices.

Wi-Fi Lifeguard (model GL-B1300) rear ports

Need more LAN ports for extra wired Ethernet devices? You can purchase a switch to provide more Ethernet ports that are protected by your Wi-Fi Lifeguard network. When searching for a switch there are two kinds you can purchase: non-managed and managed.

Non-managed switches are the most simple kind of switch. They simply provide more ports to a networking device on your home network.

Managed switches provide advanced device management. This means that you can configure device monitoring and traffic filtering. These kinds of switches are unneccesary for most home users.

We recommend purchasing at least a gigabit rated non-managed switch to connect to one of your Wi-Fi Lifeguard's LAN ports. This will provide more Ethernet ports for your Wi-Fi Lifeguard network which are all filtered.

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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