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Prevent uninstall for TCL devices

Due to how TCL have designed their Android devices, you will need to go through an extra step to get the Prevent uninstallation features working correctly. Depending on your phone model, these steps could look a little different.

Fix TCL settings for Safe Surfer

Open the Smart Manager app.

If you've already installed the Prevent uninstallation features, the Safe Surfer app might block the Smart Manager app. Enter your PIN on the Safe Surfer PIN screen that appears, then attempt to open the Smart Manager app again.

Tap the Auto-start menu.

Tap the Automatically manage switch to turn it off.

Tap the Turn off option.

Ensure that the Safe Surfer app is allowed to start automatically.

Restart your device. Once you've done this, Safe Surfer should be fully active again. If you haven't finished the Prevent uninstallation setup process, you can now continue this inside the Safe Surfer app.

If you expereince that Safe Surfer still doesn't work correctly after performing these steps, and that Smart Manager might state that Safe Surfer can't start automatically, you will need to uninstall the Safe Surfer app, reinstall the Safe Surfer app, and perform these steps again.

Updated on: 10/07/2024

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