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Enable screen blackout in incognito mode

By default, Google Chrome will not allow screen blackout to watch the screen in incognito mode. Screen blackout is designed to prevent accidentally viewing pornography or suggestive imagery on social media apps, but can be used for any app, including browsers. Just follow this tutorial to prevent this workaround.

Open Chrome Flags

In the Google Chrome browser, type chrome://flags in the URL bar.

If successful, it will look like this.

Enable Incognito Screenshots

In the search bar, type incognito screenshot.

Set Incognito Screenshot to Enabled and hit the prompt to relaunch Chrome.

Finish Up

Now screen blackout will work in incognito mode. If you have other browsers, you may wish to disable or uninstall them to prevent this workaround there.

This will enable any app that uses an Android screencast to view the contents of incognito tabs, and will show incognito tab contents in the app switcher.

Updated on: 09/03/2022

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