The Safe Surfer app features machine learning technology to aid in avoiding suggestive nudity and pornographic content. We use a content model bulit-in to the app to understand whether content being viewed on-screen is likely to be pornographic or not.

By default, Screencast detection will temporarily black out the device screen when suggestive content is detected. A screenshot of the suggestive content will be kept securely on the device within the app. If you have accountability insight alerts enabled, these screenshots will be given securely to accountability holders.

Want to view securely kept screenshots of when Screencast detection triggered a detection? You can view these in Settings > Machine learning model > Events history

Enabling Screencast detection

To enable Screencast detection, tap the menu button found at the top left of the app home screen. This will open the Home menu:

Screencast detection option

Tap Screencast detection and select Turn On:

Turn on Screencast detection

Tap Start Now to grant the Safe Surfer app casting and recording permissions for this session. By default, all information used by the machine learning model built into the Safe Surfer app stays on the device—none of this data is ever sent to us. Optionally, you can enable alerts which will give you accountability insights into device machine learning results and a screenshot of what was on a device screen when a screen blackout was triggered for suggestive content.

Enabling Screencast warning

Advanced options

Screencast detection features the ability to provide a debug info overlay for advanced analytics. This setting is found in the Settings menu:

Screencast detection Enable Debug option

Safe Surfer website with Screencast detection Debug option enabled
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