Safe Surfer provides standard internet filtering for free via a technology called DNS. This brief article will help you configure basic Safe Surfer services on Android if you are having trouble with our app.

Private DNS is available as a feature for devices running Android 9 or later. You can check the current version of Android in your Settings app: About phone > Software information

1. Configure basic Private DNS 🔧

This guide shows how to configure basic free filtering over Private DNS. Want custom filter options with a Pro Surfer subscription? Create a DNS device on the Safe Surfer dashboard ( and copy the DoT (DNS over TLS) link that gets generated when you create the new device listing. You will use this link instead of

Tap the Settings app
Tap Connections
Tap More connection settings
Tap Private DNS
Tap the Private DNS provider hostname option

From this menu you can configure your Android device with our DNS provider. Use the following hostname: (or your custom DoT link from the Safe Surfer dashboard)

Private DNS menu

Once you have entered our hostname, tap Save.

2. Protection complete ✔️

Once you have finished configuring Private DNS, this device should now be protected with Safe Surfer. If you visit our website on a protected device, you should see the following widget at the top of the home page:

Protection is now working 😄

If you would like to see website filtering in action, try visiting, a safe website designated for testing if malware filtering is operational. This website should be blocked.

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