Protecting both yourself and children on all your home devices is essential. In this article we will go over some steps that you can perform to enable parental controls on your Android devices. We also highly recommend that parents guide and teach their children on how to use technology safely. We have various articles with resources on our website which can help you with this:

The Parenting Place also have various helpful resources on their website:

Any kind of parental controls should not be considered a replacement for appropriate visual monitoring of devices used by your children. Devices should always be used in open areas and kept out of bedrooms.

Google Family Link

Google provide a parental controls app for your children if they are under 18. Google provides the ability to create an account for minors if any of your children are under 13. If they are over 18, the app will not provide support for these accounts.

Family Link helps you as a parent keep track of and protect what your children are doing on their Android device(s). If they are particularly tech-savvy, they might attempt to install a Virtual Private Network (VPN) app which creates an encrypted network tunnel to bypass the filtering you have set in place. When each device has Google Family Link installed, they cannnot download any app or VPN without your knowledge or permission. You can also keep track of how much time they’ve spent on any particular app, or on their device in total.

Installation Instructions:

Install the Google Family Link for parents app on your device. Install the Google Family Link for children & teens app on each Android device your children own. In the Google Family Link for parents app, select your personal Google account. You will then be prompted to choose who will be using this phone. Select Parent.

If your account is not already a family manager you will be prompted to become one. If you are already a family manager, select Continue.

You will be asked if your child has a Google Account. If they do not, you can set up a new Google Account by tapping No and then following the instructions to create an account for them. If they already do have an account, tap Yes and enter their account details.

After you have added all children Google accounts, you will be prompted to find each device. Tap Next and you will be given a nine-digit code for linking their device.

On each device to be monitored, open the Google Family Link for children & teens app and follow the on-screen instructions.

When asked, enter the nine-digit code on a device with the Family Link for children & teens app installed, and wait for your devices to link to each other. Repeat this process for each device.

Start using the Parent app on your device to monitor each device configured.

Configure your home network with Safe Surfer

There are two ways you can filter Internet with us on your home network: purchasing a Safe Surfer Wi-Fi Lifeguard router or configuring your main home router to use Safe Surfer DNS services.

Safe Surfer Wi-Fi Lifeguard router

Wi-Fi Lifeguard is the best way to protect your home network. Wi-Fi Lifeguard features the ability to have full control over how devices use the Internet on your home network. You can find out more about Wi-Fi Lifeguard here:

Reconfigure Your Router

Alternatively, you can configure the DNS settings of your main home router to easily block access to a wide range of harmful websites. Any devices using Internet provided by your main home router will have forced filtering.

We have a guide on how you can configure your main home router here:
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